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(Blue AS09) ANCHEER 10′ iSUP Review (2019)

(Blue AS09) ANCHEER 10′ iSUP Review (2019)

ANCHEER 10' iSUP Board Review

(Blue AS09) ANCHEER 10′ Inflatable Stand up Paddle Board Package Review (2019)


ANCHEER 10′ iSUP Board This Is What You Get 200x347 Compressed
This is what you get: (blue AS09) ANCHEER 10′ iSUP Board, adjustable 3-piece aluminium paddle, backpack, handpump, repair kit, manual (+ the detachable bigger fin along with the 2 fixed ones).

If you are an adventure freak and love exploring the sea, rivers and lakes, investing in an inflatable stand up paddle board could be the best decision. In comparison to the traditional hard boards, inflatable paddle boards can be an excellent travel partner in terms of usage and functionality. There are a plethora of options available but the product that caught my attention is the blue (AS09) ANCHEER 10′ inflatable stand up paddle board (iSUP).

It is one of the versatile SUP boards available that is ideally suited for users with all skill levels. Being compact and light weight, it can be your best travel companion during your beach vacations. With decent design and features the ANCHEER 10′ inflatable SUP is a great all-around board.

Check the price of this blue AS09 ANCHEER 10′ iSUP Board Package on Amazon (link opens in a new tab).


Quick Overview For The Hasty

Designed in superior quality PVC and high density drop stitch inner construction, this inflatable SUP board measures 10′ x 30” x 6’’ (length x width x thickness). The weight of the board is approximately 17 lbs and it can withstand upto a max load of 240 lbs. This easy to carry blue AS09 ANCHEER 10′ iSUP board comes with all the essential accessories for your water excursions and adventures.

The Target Users: The AS09 ANCHEER 10′ inflatable stand up paddle board is good for beginners and experienced paddlers alike. Ideally for smaller paddlers (around 180 pounds or less), larger paddlers may find it more difficult to fully enjoy due to its size (30-inch width).

Functionality: The board has been designed to provide enhanced stability and control helping you glide over the water with ease. Suitable for other activities as well like doing yoga, fishing, paddling and cruising.

Need a quick overview of what you’re getting into? Quickly skim through this SUP buying guide (link opens in a new tab).


Who And What Is The Blue AS09 ANCHEER 10′ Inflatable Stand Up Paddle Board Designed For?

The Blue AS09 ANCHEER iSUP is for:

Who: paddlers of all age groups weighing upto 240 lbs.
What: comes with an all round functionality and is thus viable to be used in almost all water conditions.


This 10-feet board can be enjoyed comfortably by paddlers of all age groups and heights, though, ideally speaking, smaller paddlers will get more out of it. The Blue AS09 ANCHEER 10′ iSUP comes with 3 fins that provide enhanced stability thereby letting you have a good grip and control on it. The 6’’ thickness of the board along with the large non slip deck pad restricts you from falling irrespective of your skill level.

The light weight (17 lbs) of this Blue AS09 ANCHEER 10′ iSUP board makes it easy to travel with. Other than paddling, it can also be used for doing yoga, fishing, and sightseeing on flat water. Being an inflatable, it can be easily stored and carried.

Here’s a good resource on how to take care of your iSUP once you have it, talking about storing, cleaning, maintenance in general, and other fun stuff to keep your board happy for years (link opens in a new tab).

Who and what is ANCHEER 10′ iSUP Board designed for?

How Does The Blue AS09 ANCHEER 10′ iSUP Perform?

The design and structure make it an ideal choice for both beginner and intermediate level paddlers. The blue AS09 ANCHEER 10′ iSUP board is relatively short (10 feet) for an all-around, but that’s the sweet spot for smaller paddlers as it’s not too wide nor too narrow (30 inches) in correlation. Such a combination allows the board to glide with decent speed and remain stable at the same time.

However, if a larger paddler stepped on it, it might not feel fast nor stable enough – larger paddler might need a little longer and a little wider board in comparison to achieve the same feel from it. It’d otherwise be good enough for surfing in the case of a larger paddler, but I tend to think it’s not up to hardcore surfing, this cheaper board.

Coming back to the blue AS09 ANCHEER 10′ iSUP for who it’s meant more for (smaller paddlers), it’s got a tri-fin system which keeps the board straight while gliding on the water all the while being decently maneuverable.

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How Have I Conducted This Review?

My passion for garnering information on SUP boards their features, functionality and usability have led me to making a product review of this blue AS09 ANCHEER 10′ Inflatable Stand Up Paddle Board.

With endless choices being available today, hopefully this review would help gain a better understanding of this sport. Browsing through user experiences and reviews on the blue AS09 ANCHEER 10′ Inflatable Stand Up Paddle Board, I have simply written down my findings here.


Specifications Of The Blue AS09 ANCHEER 10′ iSUP When Inflated

Weight (lbs)17
Weight Capacity (lbs)240
Outer Shell1-layer PVC
Inner ConstructionDrop stitch

1 – type
The blue AS09 ANCHEER 10′ iSUP is an all-around. That means it can be used for many SUP disciplines like paddling, moderate amount of cruising, doing yoga, fishing and even surfing or what have you.

2 – construction
The board is inflatable and the recommended maximum pressure is 15 psi with 12 psi being the recommended pressure. Comes with a dual action simple pump that has a pressure gauge on top and inflates the board in no time.

3 – length
The blue AS09 ANCHEER Inflatable Stand Up Paddle Board is 10 feet long, ideally suited for smaller adults (around 180 pounds), but also for larger paddlers or, from the opposite spectrum, even children. The length facilitates higher speed along with stability.

4 – width
The board is designed with a width of 30’’ (inches) which is wide enough for smaller paddlers, but if you happened to be a little larger, a board that’s 32 inches wide might be, ideally speaking, better for you, though 30 can be just fine too.

5 – thickness
Thickness specification of the blue AS09 ANCHEER 10′ Inflatable Stand Up Paddle Board is about 6’’. It imparts stability irrespective of the skill level.

6 – weight
The inflatable SUP board weighs 17 lbs and is extremely light weight when it comes to inflatable stand up paddle boards in general. The feature makes it an ideal choice for your out door adventures and travels.

7 – max load/capacity
The maximum load that it can withstand is 240 lbs. Though judging by the design, I’d say an ideal paddler weight for this board would be somewhere around 180 pounds or less.

8 – outer shell
The outer shell is designed in 0.9 mm military PVC material. Overall, the material is good, but a double layer PVC could have been better. However, the single layer allows the board to be more lightweight.

9 – inner construction
The high density drop stitch inner provides a rigid shape to the board.

ANCHEER 10' iSUP Board Specifications

What Is The Blue AS09 ANCHEER 10′ iSUP Made Of?

The AS09 blue ANCHEER 10′ Inflatable Stand Up Paddle Board is made up of:

  • high grade single-layer PVC material in the outer layer
  • drop-stitch construction in the inner core.


A single layer PVC material is not ideal unless you’re a smaller paddler as it’s less durable and less rigid in certain circumstances (in choppy water for example). But, again, for a smaller paddler, it’ll be just fine. Typically 2 layers of PVC material is more sufficient for an all-around type of inflatable SUP board for larger paddlers to get the same experience as smaller paddlers.

Here’s a great resource for you to get a better picture what PVC material is and why it matters so much (link opens in a new tab).

ANCHEER 10' iSUP Board Construction Illustration


What Are The Features Of The Blue AS09 ANCHEER 10′ iSUP?

Following are the features of the blue AS09 ANCHEER 10′ inflatable SUP:ANCHEER 10' iSUP Board Features 300x620 Compressed

  1. Bungee net
  2. Deck pad
  3. Carry handle
  4. Inflation valve
  5. D-ring
  6. Fins

1 – bungee net
At the front of the blue AS09 ANCHEER 10′ iSUP board there are 4 D-rings to which the bungee cord is attached. You can slip the paddle or some other extra cargo under it to bring along.

2 – deck pad
Made from soft EVA foam the deck pack has a simple yet practical design. Since it is the main point of contact both while sitting and standing, it has been designed to provide optimum comfort and support. It provides perfect grip and control over the board in all situations.

3 – carry handle
There is a carry handle located at the centre of the board. Upon inflation the handle makes it easy to carry the board. Made from nylon it serves an important functionality while using the board.

4 – inflation valve
At the rear end there is an inflation valve that aids in easy inflation and deflation of the board. Since this is an inflatable board ensure that the valve is well take care off. Any damage to this would make the board useless. It’s reported to take about 3 to 5 minutes to inflate.

5 – D-ring
At the rear end there is a D ring attached which from the safety point of view it can be used to tie an ankle leash. The idea behind providing the D ring is that in the event of an accident you would not get separated from the board. It can also be used to tie up the board to a dock if the need arises. On the other end you have another set of stainless steel D rings attached with bungee cord. This provides a hands free experience while paddling as it allows you to store things like the sun glasses.

6 – Fins (3)
The Ancheer Inflatable Stand Up Paddle Board comes with a tri fin setup that aids you in maintaining the right track. Two fixed fins on the sides provide you the necessary stability to maneuver efficiently in more shallow waters or surf conditions. While the third removable one in the centre helps you remain on track and not aimlessly paddle around. Unlike the mono fin system side boards it is easier to man a SUP board with a tri fin system.


All Round Functionality:
The lightweight SUP board comes with an enhanced functionality. Ancheer Inflatable Stand Up Paddle Board is stable enough for you to not only paddle around but also take up other activities. The board allows you to have fun along with a full body work out as you can do yoga on it comfortably. With the wide base one can also go fishing, sunbathing and sight seeing as well. It is an all round companion to make your holidays fun filled.

This is one of the best features that makes it an ideal choice for paddlers of all age. It takes about 5-6 minutes to pump up the board and less than 3 minutes to deflate the same. The brand recommends a maximum pressure of 15 PSI for inflation. The product comes with a dual action pump included that makes it easy to inflate. While for deflating all you need to do is open the valve and twist the pin.

The board comes with a complete package of backpack for the board, a detachable third fin,  an adjustable paddle, repair kit and a handpump.

Durability: The premium quality material, construction and design of the board make it highly durable for a single layered iSUP. Its thick military grade PVC and countless drop stitch inner structure enhance its longevity.


What Else Is Included With The Blue AS09 ANCHEER 10′ iSUP Board Package?

The paddle board is sold with a complete package consisting of all the accessories sufficient to get you on water. Other than the inflatable standup paddle board itself, the package consists of the following accessories.

PaddleANCHEER 10' iSUP Board Paddle 15x150 Compressed
There is a 3-piece paddle that is included in the blue AS09 ANCHEER 10′ iSUP package along with the board. Made from premium quality sturdy aluminium, the paddle fits into the bag really well. The paddle along with the plastic blade can be adjusted as per the user. It might not be very light in terms of weight but is definitely indestructible. Find out more about SUP paddles (link opens in a new tab).

Coil Leash
From the safety point of view the SUP board also comes with a coil leash. This helps in either fastening your ankle to the D ring or tying the board to a dock.

PumpANCHEER 10' iSUP Board Pump 105x200 Compressed
Since the board is inflatable there is a pump with a pressure gauge on top also included with the package. Its large capacity and dual action ensures easy inflation both for upwards and downwards strokes. The pressure gauge present on top of the pump gives you an accurate measure of the current pressure. It allows you to maintain the maximum pressure limit of 15 PSI. On average, the pump could effectively inflate the board within 5 to 6 minutes. It is considerably fast even with it being an hand operated pump. But most of the user reviews have indicated that electronic pump would be an impressive alternative. This would imply more time on water and less time pumping.

BagANCHEER 10' iSUP Board Bag 102x200 Compressed
In order to add to its practicality the package also comes with a backpack. Once you deflate the board it can be easily rolled and kept inside the bag. The bag is large enough (3.5 ft) and comes with ample space to hold all your accessories (3-piece paddle, etc) along with the board. The bag comes with a mesh paneling on the sides that keeps the board dry even when stowed immediately. There are also large shoulder straps on the back that make it quite easy to carry. These straps might not be comfortably padded but they definitely do the job. It might not be a great choice in terms of quality and requires careful handling as the material is relatively thin.

Repair Kit
Finally there is also a simple repair kit that has been included in the package. It consists of valve wrench and patches. In the event of any disaster the kit comes in handy. The valve wrench might prove to be useful in case you need to unscrew the valve, while the PVC patches can be used to cover up any holes that might occur.

There is a manual available along with the package that has all the detailed instructions on how to use and maintain the SUP board.


So Is The Blue AS09 ANCHEER 10′ iSUP For You?

ANCHEER 10' iSUP Board With Eyes 56x200 Compressed

If you were looking for a cheaper inflatable stand up paddle board, were sort of new to the sport and considered yourself to be a smaller paddler, then yes, the blue AS09 ANCHEER 10′ iSUP is one you might want to consider getting.

Despite having a few glitches here and there in terms of quality, the board serves its purpose. With a simple and practical design, the all-around type blue AS09 ANCHEER 10′ iSUP board is worth the money.


Where to Buy The Blue AS09 ANCHEER 10′ Inflatable Stand Up Paddle Board?

Buying from a physical local shop is always advisable as you have a chance to try it out before buying. But if the need arises, this blue AS09 ANCHEER 10′ iSUP board is also available online on major stores like Amazon, too, check it out here (link opens in a new tab).



The Ancheer Inflatable Stand Up Paddle Board has all the potential to be an amazing travel partner. It lets you get on to the water in order to enjoy a fun adventure. Be it a short trip or a long vacation the gear perfectly suits your needs.

Ancheer Brand
Ancheer is a Chinese global brand with a host of sports equipment as a part of their product line. Along with paddle boards they also offer fitness equipments, electric bikes, camping equipments, a scooter and skateboards. All their products are easily available on online stores like Amazon.

Depending where you look at it, company focusing on many products rather than specializing in one can be seen as a red flag for some. It’s thus safe to assume that the quality of the iSUP boards is relatively generic. Also, their customer support might be lacking too.

Ancheer Inflatable Stand Up Paddle Board
The Ancheer Inflatable Stand Up Paddle Board is an all round type of board that is 10’ tall, 30’’ wide and 6’’ thick. It comes with a simple and practical design that allows to deliver a good performance on flat waters. Lightweight and portability is its unique selling proposition.

Included Accessories
The Ancheer Inflatable Stand Up Paddle Board includes an adjustable paddle, coiled leash, pump, repair kit, backpack and a user manual.

There’s not much talked about the warranty on the product. It’s likely that there isn’t much to save you in case of problems unless you take matters into your own hand.

Where To Buy?
The blue AS09 ANCHEER Inflatable Stand Up Paddle Board Package is available in online stores like Amazon, see here, but also Walmart and the likes, and that at an affordable price.



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