Stand Up Paddle Board Reviews
Ancheer AS10 10′ iSUP Review

Ancheer AS10 10′ iSUP Review

ANCHEER AS10 10′ Inflatable Stand Up Paddle Board Review (2021)


Ancheer AS10 10' iSUP PackageAncheer AS10 10′ iSUP board is a cheap yet surprisingly decent cruising oriented all-around. The max weight capacity is 286 pounds and given the design of the board is realistically also practically accurate. It’s got a decent support behind it as well. All this makes it a decent option were you to start off your SUP journeys on the cheap.

You’re probably already aware of the enjoyment these things can bring you. Now this particular board is a fairly stable and reliable one, a more cruising oriented all-around iSUP on the cheap. No major red flags with this one, so just have fun!

You can check its price here: Ancheer AS10 10′ iSUP package.

A Quick Overview for the Hasty

The ANCHEER AS10 10′ Inflatable Stand Up Paddle Board measures 10′ x 32” x 6”. It has a maximum weight capacity of 286 lbs, weighs approximately 22 lbs and comes with everything you need to get on the water.

It may not be the highest quality paddleboard out there, but it doesn’t come with any defects and serves its purpose just fine. This is a versatile inflatable SUP designed for all skill levels. It is compact and lightweight which makes it easier for you to handle.

The board is designed to give you good control and high stability on the water. It’s obviously not a racing board, but still has plenty of glides on the water. It’s a cruising oriented all-around suitable for SUP activities like cruising, fishing, yoga, recreational paddling on calmer waters in general.


Who and What Is the ANCHEER AS10 10′ iSUP Designed for?

Who: paddlers of all skill levels weighing up to 286 lbs.
What: recreational paddling on calmer waters, cruising, fishing, yoga, etc.

Given the measurement of the board, it can be used by short to medium height people, weighing less than 286 lbs. Ancheer AS10 10′ iSUP is ideal for both beginners and experienced paddlers on the cheap. The width of the board is what makes it suitable even for the heavier paddlers.

It is equipped with a non-slip deck pad that helps keep your balance on the board and you can take up on general recreational paddling on calmer waters, but also cruising, yoga, fishing, etc. The lightweight and compact structure of the board makes it fairly simple to travel with (relatively speaking).

Who and What Is the ANCHEER AS10 10' iSUP Designed for?


How Does the ANCHEER AS10 10ft iSUP Perform?

Ancheer AS10 10′ inflatable stand up paddle board is mainly:

  • stable
  • maneuverable

The design of the board is such that you will find it relatively stable and maneuverable more so than fast. The Ancheer AS10 10′ iSUP board is neither too long nor too narrow. Such a combination makes it a good option for smaller paddlers even at heavier weight. If you were considerably longer than average height, you may need to look for a longer board, say 11′, which this one is not. The board also glides smoothly on water despite being mainly stable, though you won’t win any races with it. As far as the speed is concerned, it moves at a very decent speed for a cruising oriented all-around.

It comes with a tri-fin system in which the bigger fin allows it to glide straight but also keep some level of maneuverability thanks to the 2 smaller sidefins.


What Are the Specifications of the ANCHEER AS10 10′ iSUP Board?

  • Type: All-around
  • Construction: Inflatable
  • Length: 10’
  • Width: 32”
  • Thickness: 6”
  • Weight: 22 lbs
  • Weight capacity: 286 lbs
  • Materials: Military Grade PVC

The Ancheer AS10 10′ inflatable SUP is an all-around paddleboard and thus, you can use it for several activities. This includes yoga, fishing, cruising and paddling.

The board is inflatable and requires only 12 psi pressure. The maximum limit is 15 psi.

The Ancheer AS10 10′ inflatable SUP board is only 10 feet long which makes it a good option for smaller paddlers. The length facilitates greater stability and control over water the taller you are.

The width of the board is 32” which is wide enough for both smaller and larger paddlers.

The Ancheer AS10 10′ inflatable stand up paddleboard is 6’’ thick. 6-inch thickness is pretty common in the case of iSUPs, 5-inch thickness would be better, but 6 is fine for general use.

The board weighs around 22 lbs. It features a lightweight design that makes it easier to use. It also means that it can be ideally used for outdoor travels and adventures.

Weight capacity
It can support even a little more than 286 lbs as long as you’re not too tall. But given the length of the board the heavier and tall you are the harder you’ll find it to find your balance on this one.

It is made with thick military-grade single layer PVC material along with countless drop stitch inner structure. There are 2 layers of PVC material at the rails.

What Are the Specifications of the ANCHEER AS10 10' iSUP Board?


What Is Ancheer AS10 10’ Inflatable Paddle Board Made of?

Ancheer AS10 10’ iSUP board is made of:

  • single layer PVC
  • Double layer PVC at rails

The construction is fairly standard. A single layer PVC material at the top and bottom with 2 layers of PVC at the rails connecting them together. The inner core is your usual drop-stitch technology with a fabric layer around that.

Ancheer AS10 10' iSUP Board Construction

However, it’s put together better than most cheap iSUPs with this construction, so for general use a single layer construction is, well, good enough in this case (recreational paddling, cruising oriented all-around) and you’ll likely not run into too many problems. Ancheer provides decent support for when something does go south, too.

Here a quick read on the construction of inflatable paddle boards (link opens in a new tab).


What Are the Features of the ANCHEER AS10 10′ Inflatable SUP Board?

This board comes in 2 color variations: a more blue one and then this a light green’ish one.

1 – carry handle Ancheer AS10 10' iSUP Board Features
A carry handle at the nose of the board. This can be useful for passengers to hold on to or for towing it from the front for example.

2 – bungee storage area
The Ancheer AS10 10ft iSUP board comes with 6 D-rings to which the bungee cord is attached. This provides you with an extra bungee storage area where you can store your paddle or other extra cargo that you want to bring along.

3 – carry handle
The Ancheer AS10 10ft iSUP board is equipped with a carry handle at the center of the board. With the help of the carry handle, you can carry the board wherever you go. The handle is made from nylon and increases the functionality of the board.

4 – deck pad
The Ancheer AS10 10-feet iSUP board features a deck pad made from soft EVA foam. It is designed to give you maximum support and comfort. Not just that but it also gives you great control in all situations. Along with that, you can also enjoy a better grip.

5 – D-ring
The Ancheer AS10 10ft inflatable SUP board has a D-ring attached at the rear end of the board. You can use it for tying an ankle leash for your safety. You can also use it to tie the board up to a dock when need be. The D-rings are present at the bungee cord as well.

6 – valve
The Ancheer AS10 10-feet iSUP board comes with an inflation valve at the rear end of the board. This allows for easy inflation and deflation of the board. You need to make sure, you use the valve carefully. Any kind of damage to the inflation valve can render the board useless. It takes around 3 to 5 minutes to inflate the board and while the maximum PSI is 15, getting it up to around 12 and 14 is perfectly fine too.

7 – carry handle 
A 3rd carry handle at the rear of the board. This one can be useful for when pulling it out from the water for example.

8 – Fins
The Ancheer AS10 10-feet inflatable SUP board has a tri-fin system that helps the board move in a straight line and maneuver. The two fixed fins on the sides allow the board to maneuver. The third fin is the largest, but also removable, and located at the center. This bigger fin helps you to stay on track.


What Else Is Included in the ANCHEER AS10 10′ iSUP Board Package?

The Ancheer AS10 10ft inflatable SUP board itself is fairly decent, but the same can’t be said about the accessory items which are pretty generic. The package does include everything you need to get on the water however, that is paddle, pump, backpack, ankle leash, repair kit, and an instructions manual. There is a 1-year warranty on these things though and, worry not, the after-sale support is decent.

BackpackAncheer AS10 10' iSUP Backpack
Along with the Ancheer AS10 10-feet inflatable SUP board itself you are also provided with a backpack. It’s a fairly generic one so try and handle it with some care and caution. When you are done using the board, you can roll-up the board and store it in the bag. In fact, the bag is large enough to accommodate all your accessories along with the board. It is equipped with large shoulder straps that make it even easier on you.

The board comes with a relatively generic low-cost 3-piece adjustable aluminium paddle that only floats for a little while before it sinks. You can learn more about SUP paddles here.

PumpAncheer AS10 10' iSUP Pump
The Ancheer AS10 10ft inflatable stands up paddle board comes with a dual-action pump which has a pressure gauge on top. Note that the max PSI is 15, but getting things to around 12 and 14 is good too the smaller you are.

Ankle’s leash
The package includes a coiled ankle leash that you can to tie to the D ring at the rear of the board to keep you from getting separated from the board. You could also tie it to the dock when need be. You might not think too much of using the leash, but do get comfortable knowing the risk (article on iSUP safety).

Instructions manual & repair kitAncheer AS10 10' iSUP Repair Kit
Note that when the valve is leaking air, it might simply be that you need to tighten in rather than “repair” anything. These valves can come loose over time. The repair kit should include a valve wrench with which you can tighten the valve. It also comes with PVC patches to fix up holes should you hit a very sharp rock at full speed, though there might be no glue included. Check with iSUP accessories here in case you needed anything extra.

Ancheer AS10 10' iSUP Instructions Manual


So Is the ANCHEER AS10 10′ Inflatable SUP Board for You?

It’s a decent cruising oriented all-around iSUP on the cheap.

10ft length and 32-inch width makes it a decent option for average sized and heavier paddlers looking for a stable entry-level inflatable paddle board on the cheap. The construction is fairly solid and Ancheer stands behind their product which cannot be said for some cheap iSUPs out there. However, you still ought to take care of a cheaper board as it can handle less rough handling when compared to a higher end board.

Why it might not be for you:
Although the width of the board is 32 inches, the length is only 10 feet which for tall paddlers might be a problem. It’s not built for speed, so if you were more about that even if in a more casual sense, this might not be a suitable option for you.


Where To Buy the Ancheer AS10 10’ iSUP Package?

Best way to buy stand up paddle boards would be from physical shops. That way you could gain much needed info, advice and tips from the enthusiastic sellers there (assuming they were enthusiastic…).

If purchasing from a physical store was not an option, there are still online stores to check out.

Check the price or buy here: Ancheer AS10 10′ Inflatable SUP Package.



The Ancheer AS10 10-feet inflatable stand up paddle board is overall a good product and comes with everything you need to get on the water. With this paddleboard, you’ll highly likely to have a good time on the water on the cheap.

Included accessories
The Ancheer Inflatable Stand Up Paddle Board includes a 3-piece aluminium floating adjustable paddle, dual-action pump, backpack, ankle leash, user manual, and a repair kit.

It does seem to come with a 1-year warranty against faulty accessory items and the like. Their support team seemed to care about customer’s satisfactory at the time of dealing with them (after-sale support).

Where to Buy
It’s simple, buy here: Ancheer AS10 10ft iSUP Package.



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